Life Science
Research Center

Jinyang Pharm takes the lead
in researching excellent pharmaceuticals
for healthy happiness.

We are concentrating our research
capabilities on the development
of safe and effective medicines.

연구소 소개 연구소 소개
Jinyang Pharm established a research organization in 1993 to develop safe and effective medicines. Currently located at the New Drug Development Research Center in the College of Pharmacy of Seoul National University, the Life Science Research Center is focusing its research capabilities on the goal of developing innovative global new drugs.
By applying design-based advanced research (QbD-Quality by Design) in accordance with the guidelines of the International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use, we are developing excellent pharmaceuticals through the process of pre-formulation-formulation development-analytical method development-stability study.We are also constantly accumulating and developing platform technology, based on which we are challenging new drug research to advance into the global market.

Patent application

  • Doxylamine succinate composition and soft capsule formulation containing the composition
  • Seshin Ext. Soft Capsule
  • Ribavirin dry syrup
  • Sobrerol, acetaminophen complex dry syrup and liquid
  • Pharmaceutical composition containing esomeprazole with excellent stability
  • Multi-layer tablet containing esomeprazole
  • Method for solubilizing nitrendipine and the solubilized composition and soft capsule containing the solubilized composition
  • Ulcer treatment drug (incrementally modified drug): A method for manufacturing rebamipide amino acid salt and a pharmaceutical preparation using the same as an active ingredient
  • Extraction method of Schisandra extract maximizing the content of Shujandrin, an active ingredient of Schisandra, and soft capsule containing this Schisandra extract as an active ingredient
  • Method for removing ascorbate from plasma (pharmaceutical composition for removing ascorbate from plasma which is characterized by containing ascorbate oxidase modified with a biologically inactive polymer)

Patent registration

  • Patent technology
  • Acyclovir dry syrup (Patent No. 0300611)
  • Ibuprofen alkanediol ester and pharmaceutical composition containing the same as an active ingredient (Patent No. 0460567)
  • Flurbiprofen 1,4-butanediol ester with platelet aggregation inhibitory effect (Patent No. 0272897)
  • Composition for treating obesity and constipation containing pine needles, green tea and black tea extracts as active ingredients (Patent No. 10-0532556)
  • Amino acid salt of novel aceclofenac and pharmaceutical preparation containing the salt as an active ingredient (Patent No. 10-0673508)
  • Pharmaceutical composition containing carboxylosartan and manufacturing method thereof (Patent No. 10-1817986)
  • Mixing method of cimicifuga heracleifolia extract and its mixed composition (Patent No. 0366233)

Industry-University-Research Related

Jinyang Pharm is currently maximizing synergy by research sharing human and material resources through a partnership with Seoul National University College of Pharmacy. In addition, we are conducting global new drug R&D through close mutual relations through strategic alliances with external research institutes.