Research Fields

Jinyang Pharm is doing
its best to develop new drugs/
incrementally modified drugs
through excellent research personnel.

R&D Process

  • Research planning, project management
    • Analysis of pharmaceutical market information
    • Analysis and application of new technologies
    • Exploration and management of new tasks
  • Formulation research
    • Preformulation of new drugs/incrementally modified drugs (IMDs)
    • Evaluation of property/stability and establishment of improvement technology
    • Research on generic commercialization
  • Manufacturing process development
    • Development of new production process
    • Production technology transfer and localization
    • Production stabilization through mass production process development
  • Commercialization of research technology
    • Securing Intellectual Property


  • We are concentrating on research and development specialized for endocrine drugs, antihypertensive drugs, hyperlipidemia drugs, and gastrointestinal drugs.
  • In line with the state-of-the-art factory production facilities (multi-layer tablet tableting machine, fluidized bed granulator, fluidized bed dryer), our research center also has accumulated knowledge-how about oral solids. (Multi-layered tablet, enteric coated tablet, continus tablet)
  • Concentrating on research on IMDs, we are focusing on maximizing the patient convenience of taking by conducting clinical trials in Korea for permit and sale.
  • Also, for excellent product quality control, we are launching the best products by applying strict standards for raw materials and formulations from LAB. SCALE.

Research & Development

  • 초기 제형연구 초기 제형연구
    초기 제형연구(Preformulation)
    • Evaluation of physical and chemical properties of pharmaceutical ingredients
    • Research on stabilization conditions such as pH, temperature, and light
    • Research on initial formulation suitability
  • 제형연구 제형연구
    제형연구(Formulation development)
    • Research on formulations in consideration of PK and PD
    • Research on process development and improvement
  • 분석연구 분석연구
    분석연구(Analytical method development)
    • Research on analytical method development
    • Evaluation of analytical method validation and formulation
    • Evaluation of characteristics of major impurities
  • 안정성연구 안정성연구
    안정성 연구(Stability Study)
    • Research on temperature and humidity stability
    • Research on severe condition stability
    • Research on storage container suitability