Declaration of self-compliance will

Jinyang Pharm is doing our best for fair and transparent management.

CEO’s Declaration of Compliance

With the introduction of the Fair Trade Compliance Program, it is needless to say that in order to continuously develop in society, a company should continuously comply with laws and regulations as the basics of management.

As all of you know, demand for fair competition in drug trade of pharmaceutical companies have been strengthened in recent years.
The pharmaceutical industry is attracting great expectations as a life-related industry that contributes to national health care and, furthermore, life and health around the world through the supply of pharmaceuticals, and as a high value-added industry that supports a mature economy. In medical care, the purchase and selection of medicines must be determined by the appropriate judgment of the medical institution based on quality, price, and accurate information. In addition, providing gifts such as unfair money and services to medical institutions and medical personnel may distort the proper selection and use of medicines.

In particular, pharmaceuticals are products that are directly related to life, so end consumers are patients, not doctors who chooses the medicine, and public resources are used for this cost. Based on the above, the act of providing unfair gifts as a means of enticing purchases of medicines causes significant damage compared to other industries. In order to continuously secure the trust and credibility of society for all medicines, it is necessary to maintain and promote fair, transparent, and free competition in the supply of medicines without engaging in unfair promotional activities.From this point of view, Jinyang Pharm should not only establish a voluntary fair trade compliance program to prevent acts that violate the Fair Trade Act, but also strive to realize fair and transparent trade by thoroughly complying with it.

Thus, all executives and employees of Jinyang Pharm should act in accordance with the Fair Trade Compliance Program, and please be aware that individual penalties may be imposed if they fail to follow it. Once again, we ask all executives and employees to make an effort to seek a better understanding from the industry as well as medical institutions and medical personnel regarding our efforts.

CEO and President
Jaejoon Choi

    Employee Voluntary Self-compliance Statement

  • One.

    I voluntarily comply with fair trade laws and do not engage in unfair trading practices.

  • One.

    I take the initiative in establishing a fair and transparent corporate culture, bearing in mind that only business performance through fair trade is the basis for the permanent development of the company and myself.

  • One.

    I will fully understand and thoroughly comply with the company regulations related to fair trade, and in case of violation, I will accept civil and criminal responsibilities under the Fair Competition Code and related laws, as well as any sanctions according to the company regulations.

    Employee self-compliance pledge

  • The executives and employees of Jinyang Pharm pledge to comply with the dual punishment system and related laws under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, Medical Act, and Medical Device Act while performing drug sales and marketing, and to follow the fair competition voluntary compliance program based on the following fair competition rules.
  • Do not provide other economic benefits such as money, goods, entertainment, etc. for the purpose of promoting sales by medical institutions adopting our medicines, inducing prescriptions, and increasing prescriptions.
  • Do not support donations for the purpose of promoting sales other than for medicinal, educational, or charitable purposes recognized by the Pharmaceutical Association.
  •  Support the holding and operation of academic conferences organized by institutions and organizations and the participation of health care professionals participating in academic conferences within the scope permitted by the Fair Competition Regulations, ask the pharmaceutical association for support and limit the target to approved institutions and organizations and do not implement it for the purpose of promoting sales.
  • Provide actual transportation expenses, food and beverage, souvenirs, and lodging for our product briefing session within the scope permitted by the Fair Competition Regulations, and do not implement it for the purpose of supporting a specific group.
  • In the case of a product briefing session to visit an individual health care institution and explain our medicines, submit accurate proof of use (receipt, result report), and do not use it for purposes other than the scope permitted by the relevant laws and regulations.
  • Conduct post-marketing surveillance (PMS) to the extent that medical necessity is recognized based on the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and the regulations of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, support it within the scope permitted by the Fair Competition Regulations, but do not implement it for the purpose of promoting sales.
  • If clinical activities other than post-marketing surveillance have been approved by the Minister of Food and Drug Safety and the Clinical Trial Review Committee, pay the service costs for clinical activities to the medical care institutions to which the health care professional belongs, and do not pay research expenses for the purpose of promoting sales.
  •  Provide the minimum quantity of samples in the minimum packaging unit, but do not provide them for the purpose of promoting sales or for the purpose of discounting financial costs according to pharmacy’s payment.