ISO Organization
Chart and Greetings

Jinyang Pharm is doing our best for fair and transparent management.

We comply with law-abiding management
and fulfill our social responsibilities.

Jinyang Pharm is a company that performs law-abiding management by complying with laws and regulations related to the pharmaceutical industry and fair competition regulations and that strives to fulfill its social responsibilities.

Currently, the company operates a dedicated organization under the CEO's firm will to operate the Compliance Program, and each employee actively checks their work and strives to make CP the basis of their work.

In addition, in order to establish a compliance management system, we have reorganized the company’s internal regulations in a more systematic and specific way. We are also continuously carrying out activities to establish a sound CP culture, such as CP rating evaluation hosted by the Fair Trade Commission and anti-corruption international certification ISO37001 and to be recognized for the company's will and competence in anti-corruption and compliance management.

Based on compliance management, all executives and employees of Jinyang Pharm will strive to grow into an ethical pharmaceutical company that is truly loved by customers. We ask for your interest and support so that Jinyang Pharm can be reborn as a more transparent and fair company.
Jinyang Pharm
Anti-Corruption Compliance Officer
Director Seungyong Kwak
Organization Chart of
Anti-Corruption Management System (ISO 37001)