Jinyang Pharm is doing our best
for your health and happiness.

“We produce excellent pharmaceuticals so that you
can pursue happiness from health.”

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Completed in 2015, Jinyang Pharm's Wonju factory is producing 200 types of oral solids (tablets, capsules, and dry syrups) through excellent pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities and quality control system.

Jinyang Pharm's Wonju factory has been equipped with the best facilities at the cGMP level through the latest construction methods, making it possible to secure competitiveness to produce the world's best products as well as Korea’s best ones.Especially from 2021, we have completed the production of Jintojet Tablet and successfully performed the consignment of products from 20 pharmaceutical companies, proving our excellent competitiveness in the production of oral solids. Jinyang Pharm's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and excellent production manpower are the pride of the company. Especially based on the perfectionism of taking responsibility for products produced once, we track and manage them until the end even after product shipment.

Jinyang Pharm's Wonju factory, which is preparing to export to Europe beyond Asia, has maintained the founding spirit of “pursuing the happiness of the people from health” for 50 years.

Status of main facilities

  • 유동층과립기 유동층과립기

    Fluid bed granulator

    Powder and pellet production

  • 이중정 타정기 이중정 타정기

    Double tablet tableting machine

    Single tablet and double tablet tableting

  • 삼중정 타정기 삼중정 타정기

    Triple tablet tableting machine

    Multi-layer tablet production

  • 자동코팅기 자동코팅기

    Automatic coating machine

    Coating tablet film and sugar

  • 레이저 인쇄 선별기 레이저 인쇄 선별기

    Laser printing sorting machine

    Tablet and capsule laser printing, sorting

  • 기기분석실 기기분석실

    Instrumental analysis lab

    Quantitative and qualitative test analyzer